Camping Pranks for April Fool’s Day

Moose-by-powhuskuWe love having a good time here at Uncle Sam’s and April Fool’s day leaves plenty of opportunities for some camping related April Fool’s Pranks. Here’s some of our favorites we’ve used on camping trips past:

I can’t get out!

If you wake up earlier than your friends in your tent, get up and zip it up behind you like you normally would. Then quietly use a paperclip to secure the two zippers together. Your friends will be trapped inside and will have to have someone on the outside help them!

There’s Something Out There

We’ve all had our fair share of spooks and bumps in the night when camping. Just before bed, disappear for a few minutes from your campsite. When you come back, tell your friends you noticed some really weird things around, like lots of tree limbs broken off, fur stuck to briars, and other evidence of some really big creature. Brush it off like it’s no big deal and head to bed with everyone else. After a little while in the tent, tell your friends you heard something strange and you’re going to check it out. Once you’re outside, make sounds like there’s a struggle and run past the tent a few times while shining your flashlight at the tent as you run past. When you friends come out to investigate, look as scared as possible and tell them you were attacked and they need to get into the tent quickly. Wait for the appropriate moment when everyone’s freaked out to say “Gotcha!”

Snake in the cooler

Attach a rubber snake to some fishing line and hook it up so when someone opens the cooler, the fake snake jumps out at them. Another great fake snake or spider trick is to put one inside the sleeping bag of an unsuspecting victim.

I’d Lather Not

Before you leave for your trip, prepare a bar of soap for this trick by painting it with clear nail polish. Tell your friend that you’ve got a new soap to try out that’s great for river and lake baths that’s biodegradable and give them the “special” bar when they decide to clean up. No matter how much they try, they won’t be able to get clean! (Be sure to bring some real soap though or you’ll suffer when your friend smells terribly after a few days.)

Snipe Hunt

This one takes a big of convincing but if you’re good at telling tall tales and teamwork, give your friend a pillow case and a sack of marshmallows. Tell them a story about snipes and how they love to eat marshmallows but can only be caught with a pillow case. Team up with some friends and send your victim into the woods at night and set your other friends in a circle around your victim. Have them make a special “snipe” noise to attract your friend and send them spinning!

Moose Poop

Plan ahead and scope out an area you’ll be walking through and plant a bunch of whoppers or other chocolate coated candy along the way. When you’re walking by later, tell your friend you think it’s moose poop and pick up a piece. Smell it, lick it, and finally pop it in your mouth. Then say “Yup, definitely moose poop!” Then smile.


We hope you have a wonderful April Fool’s Day! Share any great camping pranks ideas or one’s you’ve used on friends with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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