Tilley Hat: The World’s Best

tilley-hatTilley hats really are the world’s best hats. Why, you ask? The design is smart and comfortable, they do their job well, and come with some unheard of features (like insurance!). Tilley hats are great for all kinds of adventures and have traveled the world over and even gone skydiving. They’re even great tools if you need to to defend yourself against an attacker.

Tilly hats are quality made hats that have solid construction with some special features you’re sure to love. While other hat sit tightly on your head to stay on, the Tilley hat is a low-slung hat that uses gravity to remain on your head. In windy conditions, simply secure the hat using the wind cord either behind or in front of your head and it’ll stay with you through a gale. Tilley hats also have a built-in wicking sweat band that prevents your head from dripping with sweat. Another great cooling feature perfect for hot days when you need some coverage is the edge along the top of the Airflow model hat has a mesh that allows air to cool your noggin. And there’s no need to worry about shrinkage due to sweat because they’re made not to shrink!

Usually you’re using a wide brimmed hat for sun protection and you’ll get the highest UPF rating possible of 50+ with a Tilley hat. If you’re using the hat on water or sand, some models come with a dark colored brim to reduce glare so you don’t have to worry about not being able to catch your fish because the sun is directly overhead. Speaking of water, the Tilley hat floats! All Tilley hats are built with a small piece of non-absorbant foam in the crown so if your hat goes overboard, you’ll be able to pluck it up off the top of the water instead of watching it sink to the bottom.

Tilley hats, however, come with some really neat and unrivaled features. First, there’s a small security pocket in the crown of the hat that fits your driver’s or fishing license as well as some emergency cash or a key. But what’s really cool about Tilley hats is that they’re not only not only guaranteed for life but also insured for replacement for two years after purchase. If your hat is lost or damaged in any way, shape, or form (even if it’s your fault), Tilley will replace your hat with a 50% deductible. What that means is if you bust or lose your hat, you’ll only have to pay half of the price for a new one. We’ve never seen another hat with that kind of offer and that’s why we sell Tilley hats in our store.

We’ve got a wide selection of Tilley hats so come on by and give them a try!

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