Care and Cleaning of Water Bottles

Man_vs__Water_Bottle_by_billyunderscorebwaHard plastic, metal, or otherwise, your reusable water bottle has to be cleaned to stay healthy. In fact, a 2002 study by the University of Calgary showed that poor hygiene in water bottle care lead to bacteria growth that would have sparked a boil order if it the water had come from the tap.

We love our water bottles as much as the next gear head, especially since they save space in our packs, allow us to use water purification systems easily, and keep unnecessary waste of out of landfills. But we don’t love our water bottles enough to risk our health! And you shouldn’t either.

So what do you need to do to stay healthy and keep reusing your favorite bottle? Wash daily and sanitize weekly.

Of course, doing this is not hard but taking the time out to do it can be a chore. You could put the water inside the fridge to prevent growth between uses — but the bacteria is still in there, just not growing as fast. It’s not the best solution because, especially over the course of more than a day, bacteria can still grow. And we don’t know about you but we don’t take a fridge with us on a trip!

If you don’t want to pull out the soap, brush, and bleach often, instead invest in some bottle cleaning tablets that you can find in our store. Simply fill the bottle up with warm water, drop in a tablet, close the top, and shake gently to get it started. You’ll of course still need to clean the areas that are untouched by the water, including the rim and any straws that are attached to the bottle, as well as the lid. Doing it often means less potential of becoming sick due to bacteria growth. The best part about the tablets is they are quick, easy, and super portable.

Also consider what type of bottle you use most often to stay healthy. Reusing single use bottles can leach out harmful chemicals overtime so our BPA-free bottles are a great alternative. However, make sure to get a new bottle once the interior becomes scratched and nicked . Germs can hide out in these places and cleaning them thoroughly might not do the job. Metal bottles are more durable and don’t have this problem but some people think they impart a metallic taste.

We have a wide selection of bottles, including both hard plastic ones and metal ones. We’ll help you find the perfect one for you.

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