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sleeping bag linerAdding a liner to your sleeping bag is like adding cheese to your burger. It may not be necessary, but it makes it a lot better.

By adding a liner to your sleeping bag, you are adding extra warmth to the overall rating of your bag. Liners are made from many different materials and each material has its own advantages. Flannel liners are super warm, but they tend to be a bit bulky. Silk liners are generally lightweight and compact. Liners made from Thermolite strike a nice balance between warmth and packability.

In addition to adding warmth, liners can also increase a bag’s lifetime. If you have been playing outside all day, chances are there will be a funk about you. Multiply this funk by the number of days you are outside and that equals a smelly sleeping bag. While sleeping bags might offer washing instructions, actually washing a bag will affect the insulation, and your bag won’t warm you as effectively as it should. Liners can be easily washed, thus preserving your bag.

While liners add warmth in the winter, they can also be used in the summer. The washability factor is all the more important in summer. On those really hot nights, your winter sleeping bag may be too warm.  If you don’t already have a summer sleeping bag, you can use your liner on its own as a super thin, breathable, and compact sleeping bag.

We currently carry Cocoon bag liners at Uncle Sam’s. Cocoon liners come in a variety of silks, cottons, flannel, Thermolite, and fleece.

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