Get Into Rock Climbing

climbing_by_jenelizabeth-d36na6dRock climbing is rapidly growing in popularity. People are drawn to the sport by the challenge, the community, and the opportunity to commune with nature.

If you are new to the sport, the best way to get introduced is to check out a climbing gym. Even though pulling on plastic inside isn’t as much fun as pulling on rocks outside, gyms are a good way to learn the ropes and meet other climbers. By going to a gym you can develop technique, learn about climbing areas, and make climbing buddies.

Climbing buddies can help you learn, spot you while you climb, share great local climbs, and make the whole thing more fun.

Most gyms rent out the equipment that you need to be able to climb in their facility, but if you are planning to go outside, you will want to invest in your own.

There are a few basic items required for rock climbing, and shoes are the most essential. Unlike regular shoes, climbing shoes are designed to be stiff so you can get better leverage on a rock face. Regardless of what type of rock climbing you get into, you will need a good pair of shoes.

Sport and bouldering are two of the most popular types of rock climbing, and you need different equipment for each. With bouldering all you need is a crash pad. A crash pad is essentially a chunk of foam that you keep under a climber so they do not break themselves.

Most sport climbs are taller than boulder routes and so there is more equipment required to be safe. With sport climbing you need to have a rope, harness, belay device, locking carabiners, and quickdraws.

Brushes and chalk bags or buckets are also handy when it comes to climbing, and while these things are very useful, you could consider them to be luxuries.

Brushes are used to get rid of grease or grime on climbing holds making them easier to…hold. Boars hair brushes are best since they actually absorb some of the oils left on holds by climbers rather than just spreading it around like the nylon brushes do. Chalk is great because it absorbs moisture and sweat, which increases the friction, which makes it easier to hold onto rocks.

At Uncle Sam’s, we have everything that you need to get climbing from brands like Scarpa, Edelweiss, BlueWater, Metolius, Petzl, and Omega Pacific.

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