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water_by_edipsSteriPen is the worldwide leader in handheld water sterilization and the Adventurer Opti Pen was the winner of the 2011 Editor’s Choice award from Backpacker magazine. Why? Because it’s easy, fast, and doesn’t make water taste nasty.

It’s easy to take clean water for granted, but the lack of safe drinking water is a problem worldwide. Water in the Ozarks is still generally clean, but you can’t be sure of any particular stream or pond, since runoff from fields, farms, or factories is always a possibility.

Most water purification systems involve filters or chlorine tablets that completely change the taste of water and can take hours to make water potable. For lots of tablets, that can mean waiting up to four hours for even a sip of water on long multi-day treks or adventures into areas with unsafe water. Day hikers probably may never need water purification systems but any long haul backpacker knows they’re a necessity and there’s nothing like drinking water from a stream

Steripens are UV light purification systems that can purify a liter of water in just 90 seconds. You can simply dip your favorite wide mouthed bottle into a stream or lake and fill up with clear water, arm the Steripen by pushing the button once or twice, depending on the amount of water you’re purifying, and swish the pen around in the water while the UV light is on. Once it’s turned off, you’ve got safe water to drink.

Steripens are very reliable. You need to make sure to keep them charged and use them as directed. Come see us at Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters to check out how a Steripen works.

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