Winter Camping

Winter_Camping_by_SynapticaWinter camping is not the for the faint of heart, especially when overnight temperatures dip far below freezing. But waking up to a crisp silent snowy morning in the woods certainly has its rewards.

The right gear can make winter camping less about being cold and more about enjoying nature’s wintry beauty. Here’s a list of must have items you should have before heading out for a night of winter camping:

A good sleeping bag

Taking just a bunch of blankets is a really terrible idea when you’re sleeping outside in the winter. Not only will you be really uncomfortable but you could severely damage your body and health by not being warm enough. Taking a sleeping bag that’s not going to be warm enough is just as bad. Check your sleeping bag for a temperature rating and make sure it’s below at least 10F for camping in Arkansas. Even with a cold-ready bag, you might want to consider adding a fleece liner for extra warmth.


Layering is the best thing you can do to stay warm on a winter campout. Why not just one really warm jacket? More layers means more trapped air, which makes for a warmer body. Plus, what happens if you accidentally get that one jacket wet or burn a hole in it while cooking? You’d be out in the cold, literally, quickly.


Layers on the upper body are important but having thick socks made of wool or high-tech material is crucial to prevent cold toes and even frostbite. Cotton socks don’t do a good job of keeping your warm when they get wet, which is exactly what feet do throughout the day.

Gloves and Mittens

While gloves provide more mobility, mittens are warmer by a long shot because your fingers together have more heat than individually. If you need to use your fingers, use gloves, but if you can get away with mittens, try them for added warmth.

All-Season or Winter Tent

You summer tent that has large mesh panels to let air flow through isn’t the best idea for a cold and blustery winter night. Try an all-season tent or, better yet, a tent specifically designed for winter camping if you plan on camping a lot in the colder months. Pick the smallest tent you can get away with so there’s less space to steal your warmth.

Fire starting supplies or cook stove

Winter in Arkansas often means wet weather, not simply snowy or icy conditions, which makes for really wet wood that just won’t start. It’s a good idea to pack in some dry wood if you want a wood fire or to take a small stove so you can cook. There’s nothing worse than being cold and hungry.

We can help you figure out what is the best gear for you and your camping needs. Come to Uncle Sam’s in Evelyn Hills and talk with our knowledgeable staff.

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