Too Cold to Hike?

art-trail2It’s a bright, crisp day here in Northwest Arkansas, a beautiful day to admire out the window, but too cold for some of us to want to head out on a lengthy hike.

Here’s a compromise: the Art Trail at Crystal Bridges Museum. It’s a nice, easy 1/3 mile from downtown Bentonville to the museum, with all kinds of interesting things to look at along the way. The structure below, James Turrell’s Skyspace structure, The Way of Color, uses light and the sky to create an art experience, and it’s heated, so you can thaw out midway.

Head on to the south entrance of the museum, and stroll through the buildings, enjoying the art. If you leave by the north entrance, you’ll find yourself on the Orchard Trail, another 1/2 mile walk, which meets up with the mile-long Dogwood Trail, which meets the Art Trail back at the south entrance. Not counting the interior of the  museum, you’ll rack up a couple of miles of walking, with a couple of chances to warm up along the way.

You’ll also have the opportunity to see some of the best in American art, from Colonial times to the present. Entrance is free, thanks to the Walton family, and you will not be disappointed. Take your out of town friends there, grab lunch or coffee in the cafe, and they won’t even mind that it was too cold for serious hiking.


Check out the complete trail map and pick your own route.

Determined? Check out Bentonville’s Trail Map. These are all short urban walking trails, but put them together and you can definitely cover some ground.

The cities of Northwest Arkansas are working together to make it possible to walk or bike all the way from Fayetteville to Bentonville, stopping off along the way to sample urban pleasures like a museum or a cafe as European trail walkers do.

We’re looking forward to the completed system, and enjoying the pieces as they’re constructed.

Stop by Uncle Sam’s for some comfortable shoes and socks, plus safe and stylish water bottles, and you’ll be ready to enjoy Northwest Arkansas on foot.

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