Urban Trail Adventures

bridgeCan you count a walk on an urban trail as an outdoor adventure? Can you even count it as a hike?

Some people wouldn’t call a walk on pavement a hike, even if it’s a five mail walk, while others figure any good long tramp can be a hike if there’s good scenery and fresh air involved.

Whether you count it as a hike or just a walk, there are some very nice trails in Northwest Arkansas. This one, the Mud Creek Trail, is a multi-use trail stretching from Old Missouri Road near Joyce to Steele Blvd, but it hooks up with the Scull Creek and Frisco trails for a total of 7.6 miles — and of course back to your car, for a total of 15.2 miles, a nice distance for a day’s hike with a picnic in the middle.

The full round trip on Mud Creek is 4.7 miles, a good long walk or a pleasant hike. It’s also a bike trail — see it on video below.

This is not a challenging trail, but there is definitely scenic beauty to enjoy, including Mud Creek and an impressive variety of plants. Wildlife on this trail is mostly limited to friendly dogs with other walkers. Most of the year, this trail is not crowded. If you approach it from Mission, you’ll know by the crowds in the parking lot whether it’s too crowded for a solitary deep-thought walk or just right for a friendly meet-and-greet sort of walk.

Check out the Parks & Trails map  to see all the trails in town.

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