10 Great Outdoor Adventures for Winter Break

a_good_book_by_capturethisforever-d5ivpqoWinter break is a time for hanging out with friends, nibbling cookies, and singing Christmas carols, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy some outdoor adventures!

Here’s a list of big and small ways to get out in the crisp winter air:

  1. Take a hike! Winter is a good time to take a hike — fewer leaves often means that you can see a lot more, and the trails you like in summer are a whole new experience in winter.
  2. Step it up. With more time than usual, you can hike a longer trail than usual. Weather in Northwest Arkansas has been great for camping — come by Uncle Sam’s if you need some warmer gear to enjoy it — and plan a backpacking trip.
  3. Step it up even more with parkour. Parkour is a new sport designed for urban environments. If you’re heading to a city destination, this could be the perfect winter adventure.
  4. Ride your bike! The Razorback Greenway isn’t ready yet, but there are still plenty of terrific bike trails in Northwest Arkansas.
  5. Ride your snowbike. Heading for snow country? Snowbikes, a sort of ski and cycle hybrid, are available for rental at more and more places. Take half an hour to learn how to maneuver the bike and you’re set.
  6. Take a trip. Hiking and biking are both very portable sports. Pick a spot you’ve never been to before and visit AmericanTrails.org to find a trail to try out.
  7. Snow sports rule! It’s only in winter that you can ski and snow board, so this is the time to splurge on a trip to a snowy place.
  8. Climb out of the winter doldrums. Visit a new spot for bouldering now, when it’s less crowded.
  9. Try out ice climbing. If you’re an experienced rock climber, ice climbing will provide a new thrill.
  10. Go out and watch some wildlife. The Eagle Watch Trail stays warmer in winter, so there’s more wildlife there to watch, and increased visibility at Buffalo Lake makes this a good time of year to see elk there, too. Check out the whole Arkansas Wildlife Watching Guide.

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