Get to Know White Sierra

sierraWhite Sierra has been making wonderful outdoor gear for 30 years. When you think of cold-weather outdoor clothes or warm layers for snow sports, White Sierra has to be one of the names that comes to mind.

One reason for the amazing quality of White Sierra gear is the intensive testing that goes into each design. First the materials are tested by independent labs to make sure that they have the characteristics needed for successful use in challenging settings.

Next, the garments are tested by White Sierra team members in the uses for which they’re intended. That makes sense to us: you want to know how a jacket will hold up when you ski in it? Ski in it!

White Sierra also has independent testers at this stage. If any features don’t stand up to these tests, they’re modified so they do work.

Finally, White Sierra listens to people like you who buy their gear and try it out. They find out how their designs stand up over years of wear — and when they’re used in ways that hadn’t occurred to their in-house testers.

When you want practical basics that look and feel great, White Sierra has what you need. Come into Uncle Sam’s and see!

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