The Suunto Story

Suunto began in Finland in 1936, when engineer and outdoorsman Tuomas Vohlonen came up with a more accurate compass. His new design and production method were patented, and were used during World War II for military as well as civilian applications.

In the 1950s, the company was exporting their dry land and marine compasses to 50 countries around the world. They were also making hypsometers by the end of that decade — devices for determining the heights of trees without having to climb up with a tape measure.

The company even made the torches for the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki.

In  the 1960s, a British diver stuck a Suunto compass to his watch and wore it diving. It worked! When he spread his excitement about having a diving compass, Suunto tweaked their compasses to create the perfect device for finding your way underwater.

As electronics became a significant part of our lives, Suunto began to direct their passion for accuracy toward the new technology, introducing the dive computer that took the place of dive tables and then the wrist dive computer. The increased safety for divers was significant.

Adding GPS, heart monitor, and other devices, Suunto maintained exceptional quality, winning a number of prestigious awards, from National Geographic’s Best Adventure Gear to red dot Best of the Best at the red dot design festival in Germany.

In the 21st century, Suunto combined the dive computer with a compass, and then went on to create highly portable ABC – altimeter, barometer and compass –combinations for women as well as for men. With a full range of training devices, plus true sports watches, Suunto now offers everything you need in the way of outdoor electronics.

Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters is proud to include Suunto among our fine suppliers. Come see what we have for your favorite outdoor adventurer’s Christmas stocking!

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