Google is Mapping the Grand Canyon

Google is sending two teams of camerapeople down into the Grand Canyon to map the parts of the canyon that don’t yet show in Street View.

This is the beginning of the search giant’s efforts to map parts of the world that can’t be reached by vehicles. Mappers are outfitted with giant multi-lens cameras so they can get the level of detail and specificity needed to create the Gran Canyon in Google Maps and Google Earth.

Google already uses volunteers’ photos to create detailed images of the world and to enrich the maps and satellite photos they use in their mapping tools. Hikers, climbers, and other adventurous souls are always among these volunteers (check out the Sierra Club’s instructions on how to make a virtual hike).

But now the methods that have allowed Google to create Street View images of your town will be adding to the sum total of human knowledge about the Grand Canyon — and more natural sites after this project.

The folks at the canyon are already warning hikers not to get casual about wandering into the Grand Canyon with nothing but a cell phone. When you head into a wilderness area, you should always make sure that you know where you’re going and that someone knows you’re there. However, this project will allow armchair travelers to enjoy the farthest reaches of the canyon, and will help travelers be more prepared.

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