Cozy Clothes for Outdoor Fun

If you’re like us, you’ve spent the summer in T-shirt and shorts, and now you’ve having to contend with a nip in the air and think about warmer gear.

Uncle Sam’s has some great suggestions.

Go classic with Dakota Grizzly flannel shirts. They’re sturdy, comfortable, and they make you look good. Seriously, every romantic movie, novel, and music video set in the woods has the handsome guy dressed in these things, and frequently there’s also a cute girl wearing one.

Also from Dakota Grizzly, furry jackets give you the warm feeling of wearing fur without the negatives.

Remember that a couple of lighter layers will give you better protection against the cold than one heavy layer. Polar bear fur is hollow to trap air, which warms up from their body heat and keeps them toasty in the frozen Arctic. Layers trap air near your body, which warms it up and keeps you warm enough for Northwest Arkansas. Same principle.

You’ve got your torso warm, but you also need some stouter trousers. We have plenty of specialized high-tek fibers at Uncle Sam’s, but it’s hard to bear corduroy when you’re looking to feel cozy.

Not quite polar bear fur, but definitely great for fall, and we have it in an attractive range of fall colors.

Heavier cotton is comfortable for fall and winter, especially if you add long underwear (we’ve got it!) in the coldest weather. Review what we said about layers above if you need to.

We also have warm socks. Wool is an amazing fiber, able to absorb lots of cold water before it loses its ability to keep you warm, and it’s even nicer in socks with a bit of spandex for a great fit.

We carry several different brands of socks, including Point 6, so we know you’ll find the right pair for style and function.

We’ve also got cotton, if cotton is what keeps your feet happy. Also check out the microfiber options.

When you’re buying socks for sports, including climbing and hiking, bring the shoes or boots you wear on the trail when you buy socks. The weight of the socks can affect the fit of your shoe, and you don’t want to discover that while you’re out in the wilderness.

Finally, think about hats and scarves. As much as 70% of your body’s heat loss in cold weather can come from your head and neck.

We have a fine selection of hats and caps, scarves and wraps. You can layer these, too, put a close-fitting knitted cap under a hat with a brim to shield you from rain or winter sun.

No matter what the season, no matter what outdoor adventures you have planned, Uncle Sam’s has what you need to stay comfortable and stylish outdoors.


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