Campfire Coffee

You’ve spent a full day on outdoor adventures, slept under the stars, and built a fire in the silent dawn. As the mist rises off the lake and the birds begin to chirp, you want nothing more than to sit back with a steaming cup of coffee and enjoy the sunrise.

Here’s how to do it.

If you have a percolator, like the one in the picture, you should put put cold water in the pot, making sure not to let it reach the basket. Put coarse ground coffee into the basket (some people use filters). About 2 tablespoons of coffee for each cup of water will give you the best flavor.

Put the pot on the fire. As the water gets hot, it will be forced up the tube into the basket. It will pass through the coffee grounds in the basket and into the pot below. This will be repeated again and again, creating that familiar “perking” sound.

When the perking stops and the coffee smells terrific, get the c0ffee off the fire and drink it.

No percolator? You can also make “cowboy coffee.” Put the water into the pot and boil it. Once it boils, toss the coffee in — fine ground will work better than coarse, but the proportions should be the same. Let it boil till it smells like coffee and remove it from the fire.

Now, pour a small amount of cold water into the pot. This will cause the grounds to settle. Pour the coffee off the top carefully without disturbing the grounds.

Is this the best possible coffee? Probably not. But if you use fresh, clean water and enjoy the scenery while you’re drinking it, campfire coffee can taste mighty good.

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