Cold Weather Camping Gear

We’re expecting the temperature to drop tonight, but that doesn’t mean to you have to put off your weekend camping plans. This is actually a great time to shop for cold weather gear, because outdoor sporting goods stores are fully stocked right now, so you get the best choice. Wait for really cold weather, and you’ll have less to choose from.

At Uncle Sam’s, we have great products for layering under your ski pants and parkas on the slopes, and sweaters and jackets that will look great around the fire at the lodge and keep you warm on the way back to your cabin. Some of our layering gear is even on sale in the bargain bins, so you’d better get to them quick!

We get a lot of questions about being prepared for the change of seasons in the Ozarks. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning a trip to the wilderness during the winter months:

For real estate, it’s “location, location, location”, but for cold-weather camping, it’s “layers, layers, layers.” It’s probably not a new concept to you, but it’s worth repeating – you’ll stay warmer if you are wearing several light layers rather than one heavy one. The reason has to do with the different pockets of air that can be trapped between layers. It’s similar to the science of a thermal window – the layers closer to your body stay warmer because of your body temperature, and multiple layers of air create a kind of insulation. Layers also help absorb moisture, keeping you comfortable even if you are warm enough to perspire.

The same way your clothing works to keep you warm, a sleeping bag holds the warm air created by your body close to you as your sleep. All bags work the same, but some designs and materials are more effective at doing the job.

There are a couple of different kinds of sleeping bags. You may have had a basic one as a kid that was a long rectangle that zipped up the side. Those are not as efficient at insulating a sleeping camper as the mummy-style bags. You might have guessed that by looking at the way they are made. However, they do allow you to move around more, so for summer camping or for an extra layer on top of the bed in your kids’ camp cabin, they may be all you need.

Mummy bags are better for cold weather, and you’ll have two choices when it comes to materials used for their insulation. You can pay less and go with a synthetic filling, but it will be a bit heavier and not rated for the lowest temperatures. Basically, if you are planning to camp in the winter, will sleep in a tent, and don’t plan to hike for miles to get to your site, synthetic filling will probably be just fine. Most bags list their cold resistance right on their tags, but our sales staff can help you compare our bags to make sure you’re getting the right equipment for your adventures.

We’ve got a great selection of bags and cold-weather clothing right now – come in and check us out!

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