A Water Bottle — or the Anti Bottle?

You know your body needs water to function, right? More and more of us are carrying an environmentally friendly reusable water bottle to keep ourselves hydrated outdoors or just during our usual daily round.

If you’re still not carrying a water bottle, there’s probably a good reason. You find them bulky, for example. They don’t fit well in your pack, they take up more room — especially when they’re empty — than you’re willing to give them,  or you’re sick of that hard edge poking you when you move.

Maybe you’re a hiker or biker who doesn’t like to carry a pack, and the water bottle doesn’t fit comfortably in your pocket. Maybe you don’t like the look of water bottle carriers on your bike or the way they totally don’t fit into your car’s cup holders when you drive out to the climb or hiking trail or marina.

If you’re a runner, you might find it distracting to carry a water bottle in your hand and painful to have one attached to a belt loop and thunking against your hipbone.

Maybe — let’s admit it — you just kind of feel like a dork carrying around a water bottle.

If so, then Vapur might have the solution for you.

Vapur was at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Show with their water bags, keeping the water stations open for all of us. We sure appreciated that! We’ve been carrying Vapur water bags at Uncle Sam’s for quite a while, though, because we like them as an alternative to the usual hard water bottle.

Vapur calls its water bags “the anti-bottle” because it’s everything that a water bottle is not: soft, comfortable to wear on your belt, accommodating. It fits in places where a water bottle won’t, full or empty. You can even take multiples, knowing that when it’s empty, it will take up next to no space. The Vapur water bag has a stylish look, too, with designs from minimalist to artistic. It’s dishwasher-safe, and made in the USA.

Try out the anti bottle if you’ve been resisting carrying a water bottle, or just for an alternative in your water bottle collection. It makes a great back-to-school treat!

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