Paracord and Survival Bracelets

It comes in many colors and goes by many names: paracord, parachute cord, 550 cord. Whatever name you call it by, paracord is very useful.

It’s always a good idea to bring some type of rope whenever you go camping or backpacking, but larger rope can take up lots of space and be pretty heavy. The advantage of paracord is that it is thin in diameter, so it takes up less space and weighs less than larger rope while still maintaining strength.

Paracord has a tensile strength of 550 lbs. and a working strength of 55 lbs. The cord’s light weight and relatively high strength comes from the way that it’s made.

The outside sheath is made from woven nylon that not only protects the inner core, but also adds to the overall strength of the cord. Inside the nylon sheath are 7 strands of braided nylon thread. The braid in each of the 7 strands typically has 3 threads. The core provides most of the cord’s strength.

Survival bracelets are made with 550 cord because of the 7-strand core. Click the link in the preceding sentence to see how to make a survival bracelet which can be worn, and then taken apart if needed. The idea behind the bracelet is that you are essentially carrying tens of feet in a single bracelet that can be used in a survival situation. The nylon thread in the cord can be used for fishing line, traps, shelters, or whatever else you could think to use cord for.

All of our paracord is 7-strand and made in the U.S.A. We’ve got a large selection of fun and unique colors as well as the buckles that are used for survival bracelets. We’ll help you figure out how to make your bracelet, too, if you need any help.

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