JanSport Backpacks

We’ve just received a new shipment of JanSport backpacks — right on time for Back to School or for tootling around town enjoying the rest of the summer.

JanSport makes a good, classic pack that’s perfect for all-purpose use. They have more variety of fabrics than practically anyone, and they’re guaranteed for life. If you only want one backpack for all the different purposes you might even need a pack for, then a JanSport bag is what you need.

We have lots of packs, so we were getting kind of philosophical about the differences among them. At its core, a backpack is just a sack to put stuff in, with straps so you can carry it on your back. Yet think of all the situations in which you can use a backpack, and all the stuff you might put in it!

It’s just right for carrying clothing and necessities for light plane travel. You can carry your work shoes in it when you bike to work in the morning (hey, your jacket, too, if you pack it really carefully). It’ll hold all your school supplies and granola bars as you exhaust yourself climbing over all those hills on the campus, or up the stairs and down the halls between pods. It lets you have hands free for shopping or taking photos while you’re visiting your favorite city. It holds keys and billfold and water bottle and a plastic bag for your dog’s special needs and a plastic bag of Cheerios for the baby while you’re taking a walk or watching the kids at the playground.

And that’s before we even think about actual outdoor sports.

So I guess it makes sense to have several different packs for different occasions. Your JanSport, though, will see you through all those situations, without making you look like you’re planning to ditch class and go climbing or — worse yet– like you’re showing off. You can even make a fashion statement with one or more of these snazzy bags.

We’ve just gotten a new shipment at Uncle Sam’s in Evelyn Hills, so come right in and get one or more so you’ll be ready for whatever life has to offer.

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