Camping with Dogs

Ezy DogWe talked about camping with babies; the other kind of dependent creature with special needs that you’re most likely to camp with is your dog.

Dogs make great camping companions. They get excited about everything, they don’t complain, and at the end of the day they’ll just flop down and keep you company. You can talk to them and they’ll appear to listen, but they don’t jabber at you if you want quiet.

Dogs can even carry their own stuff if you get them an EzyDog backpack.The EzyDog pack has a breathable mesh upper and a comfortable chest plate harness, so your pooch is comfortable wearing it. There are two saddlebag style compartments for food and a bowl, with an extra outer mesh pocket for easy access to biscuits or toys your dog might need along the trail.

You can attach a leash to the harness, and there’s also a leash holder so your dog can carry his or her own leash out on the trail. For safety’s sake, the pack has reflective trim and an ID sleeve.

Most dogs don’t really need a lot of stuff for camping. Food and water pretty much covers it for the typical easy camping trip, with shelter appropriate to the weather and your particular dog. However, you may enjoy your trip more if you have some gear to make your life easier and to reduce the amount of time you spend worrying about your four footed friend. EzyDog makes great quality leashes, collapsible camping bowls, and life jackets, so your dog can be ready for every camping adventure.

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The final thing you should consider for your dog’s pleasure on that camping trip is a toy or two. EzyDog makes some very snazzy toys for camping dogs, designed to be lightweight and easy to carry as well as safe and fun. If you’re car camping or have some room in your pack (or the dog’s), an ordinary Frisbee or tennis ball can be fun. Sticks are traditional for throwing, and biodegradable, too, in case the dog gets tired of the game first.

If you’re in Northwest Arkansas, you should come to Uncle Sam’s for all your dog’s camping needs. If you’re not, click on the map at right to visit the EzyDog store locator.

A final note on camping with dogs — remember that your dog can get overheated and plan rest times and water breaks on hot days. That loyal refusal to complain may make your pooch a great traveling companion, but it also means that your dog won’t always tell you when he or she needs a rest or a break.

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