Grace Digital Outdoor Stereos

We have a new shipment of Grace Digital outdoor audio gear at Uncle Sam’s. These little beauties consist of a waterproof, shockproof case for your iPod and other small necessities, plus a quality speaker so you can play music at the campsite, on the boat, or at the lake.

Even when you don’t need speakers, the quality of the case is enough to make these a good investment for any music lover who also enjoys backpacking, boating, swimming, or other outdoor sports. There’s nothing to stop you from using them to broadcast the game to your fellow climbers or to hold a conference call in the wild, either.

You can play these in any position (that means the stereos can be upside down, not you, although you can also be upside down if you want to) and they have enough room to hold your keys, hotel keycard, driver’s license, and other necessities. Any small thing you want to protect from water or shock can be tucked into this case, and then you can stash the whole thing in your backpack. Pretty handy.

  • The Eco Extreme or  ecoxpro provides speakers for your smartphone or mp3 player, so it can not only give you some sweet tunes for partying, dancing, or relaxing, but also float and survive a little rough and tumble.
  • The Eco Terra boombox gives a bigger sound. It also lets you change tracks from the outside of the case.There’s a carabiner and earphone jack, too.

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