Nebo Redline Bike Mount Flashlight

Nebo Redline BiekmountBiking at night requires some light, and you have a lot of choices for how to accomplish that — from glow necklaces to reflectors to headlamps. One of our favorite options is the Nebo Redline Bike Light, 220 lumens of pure white light with a bike mount that attaches to your handlebars with no tools.

The bike mount, which you can see below, is a plastic device that attaches to any standard handlebars with no special tools. It doesn’t interfere with your use of the bike in any way.

The flashlight has a small panel that slides into the bike mount easily. It doesn’t interfere with your use of the flashlight as a hand held torch, either.

The Redline is a great little flashlight, made of aircraft grade aluminum with an adjustable focus. That means you can extend the scope of the light to illuminate a wide area while you’re riding, or focus it in as a narrow beam that lights up the path directly in front of you. Pull it off the bike mount in seconds to use it as a hand held flashlight as you explore a cave or hike off the bike trail, and snap it right back onto the bike when you’re ready to ride again. It fits easily in your pocket while you’re hiking or caving.

You can use the Redline at full power for four solid hours or at half power for eight when you don’t need as much intensity. There’s also a strobe setting, which will provide flashing light for 72 hours. This is also your self defense setting, just what you need to flash in the eyes of an attacker or to use as an SOS signal. The light is strong enough to cause temporary blindness in humans and to scare off curious animals. The Redline also has what’s called an “aggressive face,” which means that the face of the light has been designed to use as a self-defense weapon. We’ve never had call to use it in this way, but bikers who ride at night, whether on city streets or in remote areas, can feel safer.

Nebo’s Redline collection includes other models intended for handheld use only, which have 100%, 50%, 10%, and SOS settings. If you know and love those models, you’ll find that the Bike Light version is a little different: no 10% setting, and the strobe setting replaces the SOS setting.

Nebo RedlineThe streamlined light provides enough clear white light for night riding, even on stretches of trail with no lighting at all. The light is water resistant, too, so it can cut through a rainstorm without shorting out.

The reflector you see in this picture came with the bike. This bike is used for general transportation and commuting, day and night, so the Redline gets a good workout.

It’s definitely worth the modest price. Come to Uncle Sam’s to try it out.

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