The 10 Best Things about Wakarusa 2012

  1. Giant puppets, as seen in this video.
  2. Water slide, because who doesn’t like a water slide?
  3. Ferris wheel, ditto. There’s something about a Ferris wheel that immediately lets you know you’re about to have fun.
  4. The beautiful venue. This should probably be number 1, or at least it should get more numbers than the others, because this is one of the really special things about Wakarusa: it’s not a music festival where people camp out just to avoid paying for hotel rooms. It’s a music and camping festival in a place where people enjoy camping.
  5. Thunderstorms. These aren’t always considered a good thing about a camping trip, but with the right attitude, you can enjoy the beauty of a thunderstorm even when you’re out in it. Top tip for enjoying rain during a camping trip: remember the rain flap.
  6. The river shuttle, a bus that takes you right down to the Mulberry.
  7. Floating lanterns. Any river looks better with a few floating lanterns.
  8. A number of campers had brought blow up pools with them. This isn’t really something that I’d want at my campsite, especially with a river nearby, but it does make your campsite look like an amazingly luxurious place.
  9. The beautiful venue. I think I mentioned that this should get more than one mention.
  10. The music.

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