Wakarusa Essentials

Be sure to grab some of these last minute essentials before heading out to Wakarusa.

Water! – Running around and roasting in the sun for several days is a surefire way to get dehydrated. Bringing large water jugs is a good way to refill bottles and reservoirs. In the event that you should run out, there are refilling stations on the festival grounds.

Shade – You are essentially fighting a loosing battle against the sun at music festivals, but at least you can be prepared for it. Sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats, tarps rigged to your car with some cord are all effective ways to weaken the sun. By the time you start getting crispy, you will definitely recognize that every little bit of coverage helps.

Chairs – This may be considered more of a luxury than a necessity, but having a good campsite can lead to a better festival experience. Between all the walking, dancing, and that big ball of Vitamin D in the sky, a nice comfortable camp chair is a welcome sight at the end of the day. What better way to recover from a full day of fun than to relax in comfort? Apart from the comfort, it’s just more fun to chill at the deluxe campsite.

Food – This can be a challenging item when it comes to music festivals. What type of food should you bring? Some folks choose to go gourmet and grill all of their food on gas stoves, while others go on 4-day sandwich diet. A safe bet is non-perishable foods: anything that won’t get eaten up by the sun. Some of our favorites:

  • peanut butter
  • bread or tortillas
  • chips, pretzels, and the like
  • granola or granola bars

If you’ve got a cooler and you don’t mind dropping dollars on ice, then you’ve got the option to diversify:

  • lunch meat
  •  eggs
  • hot dogs
  • cheese

Either way, be sure to eat an apple or something. You’re liable to get scurvy.

We’ve got everything you need at Uncle Sam’s (except the food… you can get that from our neighbors, Ozark Natural Foods). If you’re passing through Fayetteville on the way, stop by. We’re in the Evelyn Hills Shopping Center.

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