KA-BAR Knives

A good utility knife is a must for wilderness hiking, backpacking, and camping. This snazzy little video from KA-BAR tells the tale of an emergency use of the knife, but there are plenty of more common uses outdoors:

  • cutting fishing line, twine, rope, etc.
  • whittling sticks to roast your brats and marshmallows
  • cleaning fish
  • cutting kindling
  • sharpening tent stakes
  • carving a spoon or other tool
  • cutting food
  • cutting brush

At Uncle Sam’s we carry a great variety of knives, including KA-BAR knives. KA-BAR got its start in 1800 and has been making knives by hand with real dedication ever since.The trademark KA-BAR dates from the 1920s. Once KA-BAR began to make knives for the USMC during WWII, people began calling knives of that characteristic styles “ka-bars,” even if they were made by another company. Now KA-BAR makes knives for outdoor sports, hunting, and utility use as well.

KA-BAR knives are full tang, which means that the metal of the blade goes all the way through the handle. That ensures that the blade won’t snap off the handle (or vice versa). The blades are tempered, ground, and sharpened in the factory. You can keep the edge sharp with an Arkansas stone.

A pocket knife or utility knife makes a great gift for Father’s Day or graduation. Come and see our selection at Uncle Sam’s in Evelyn Hills in Fayetteville.

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