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You’re on the trail, at a concert, or at work – really, it doesn’t matter where you are: you need to have your water bottle with you. Getting enough water is important for your health in an impressive number of different ways. Water is key to regulating temperature in our bodies, and to the proper functioning of your metabolism, digestion, vision, and joints.

You can buy bottled water, and that may be the best option when fresh water isn’t readily available. Most of the time, filling your own bottle is a better plan. Choosing a reusable water bottle is way better for the environment and saves you money. Fortunately, there are so many reusable water bottle to choose from that you can be sure of finding the perfect one for you.

Nalgene bottles like the ones in this picture have been chosen as #1 by consumer organizations like the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. This brand – just one of the choices we carry at Uncle Sam’s – comes in a range of different styles so you can choose the type of cap and lip you prefer as well as the color and size that works best with your other gear. New Nalgene bottles contain no BPA.

What’s BPA? Bisphenol A, a chemical used in some plastics which can leach into the water you drink from a BPA-containing plastic container. There are some studies suggesting that BPA might be harmful to kids’ development, and others suggesting that it can be bad for the digestive and metabolic health of adults, too. The evidence isn’t completely clear, but it’s easy enough to avoid BPA. You’ll see the “BPA free” label on the water bottles at Uncle Sam’s.

We also carry more specialized drinking water solutions like CamelBak portable hydration packs: backpacks that let you carry water, with straws integrated into the design so you can sip on the trail without hassling with a bottle. We also have lightweight collapsible water carriers you can roll up when they’re empty and which will stand up on a table when they’re full.

In fact, Uncle Sam’s has so many options for carrying water and keeping hydrated that your best bet is to come down to the store and see them for yourself. We’re in Evelyn Hills, on College Avenue, down the sidewalk from Ozark natural Foods.

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